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Cleaner Blackheads Cleaner f3

Cleaner Blackheads Cleaner f3

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💟 Glowing and crystal clear skin
💟 Powerful sucker
💟 Without leaving marks on the face
💟 3 suction levels
💟 5 heads with different functions

Imagine being able to have flawless, clear skin without constant irritation or damaging your face with unnecessary chemicals in the process. You will be able to have a brilliant and crystalline skin without marks on the face. With the Bella Cleaner we have created one of the most powerful suction cleaners to remove dirt and prevent pore clogging without leaving horrible marks on the face.

The Bella Cleaner also has 3 suction levels to help those with sensitive skin. We make sure to give the 3 necessary levels to distribute the power in the best possible way and 5 heads with different purposes.

Package Included

  • x1 Bella Cleaner - Cleaning blackheads
  • x5 heads with different suction functions
  • USB charging x1
  • x1 FREE manual extractor
  • Instruction Manual x1

How to use:

Step 1: Clean your face, using a neutral soap if possible.

Step 2: Put a towel dipped in hot water on the face to open the pores .

Step 3: Depending on what type of irregularity your skin has, choose between the three suction levels. Always starting with the lowest, test the level on your hand to make sure.

Step 4: Glide the Bella Blackhead Cleaner back and forth over the pores with a steady speed, move slowly, don't stay in one place too long to avoid injury, and don't apply much pressure. Do not keep Bella Cleaner for more than two seconds on the same area.

Step 5: After finishing the above process, apply ice wrapped in a towel or cold water on the skin to soothe your skin and treated pores. (We recommend the green tea mask )

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