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FotoPro Flexible Tripod

FotoPro Flexible Tripod

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To take top quality photos, selfies and videos you don't need a better camera, you need the right accessory .

With unlimited angles, gripping any surface, a wide variety of photographic experiences and many more features, the FotoPro Flexible Tripod will exceed all your expectations. Get the fashion accessory not available in a physical store.

All-terrain flexible rubber feet
Get a stable photo on any surface
Schedule your photos hands-free
Compatible with your mobile or digital camera

All-terrain flex legs

The FotoPro Flexible Tripod is equipped with high-density rubber-coated feet that make it waterproof , durable and non-slip .

For all your adventures, travel, vacation or daily use, this tripod is definitely your perfect companion.

light and versatile

FotoPro Flexible Tripod weighs only 0.2 kg and has a height of 17 cm. The perfect size to carry it in your backpack, suitcase, in the car and... even in your pocket! . S

Its design is optimized to have a small size but offer the resistance, security and durability of any conventional tripod.

It is the perfect alternative to get a quality tripod in a portable size!

360º rotation technology

FotoPro Flexible Tripod offers you a 360 degree photography experience. With its rotating head you can find the perfect focus for all your captures and selfies.

Find the perfect angle by easily adjusting the position of the ball and attach your device to the mount with peace of mind. You will never worry about the safety of your camera in any position again!


For your smartphone or camera

Do you go out to take quality selfies with your mobile? Android or iPhone? Or do you prefer to always carry your digital camera with you? No problem! The FotoPro Flexible Tripod allows you to adjust a multitude of devices to its support, designed so that you can always use it comfortably.

You will be able to use mobile phones with a width of 2.0" (5.5 cm) ~ 3.5" (8.50 cm)
and virtually any camera with the universal screw attachment (1/4-inch -20 screw).

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