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Premium Electric Trimmer

Premium Electric Trimmer

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Premium Electric Trimmer - quality, design and efficiency in the new fashionable clipper

There are many men who are enjoying pleasant shaving experiences every morning, where the comfort, speed and ease of shaving with an electric shaver is combined with respect for the sensitivity of the skin and surprising closeness.

Now, with this new electric razor, you will enjoy a premium shave of the highest quality, always protecting your skin.

  • 3 unique designs, not available in a physical store
  • All in 1 electric shaver
  • TrimComb technology that takes care of your skin
  • Water resistant and pocket size

Premium design for the modern gentleman

If you are one of those men who still values ​​their appearance, takes care of their look and is proud of the face they show to the world, this shaver is for you.

Made with quality materials and an exquisite design, it is the tool that is missing in your life to show that you are a true gentleman.

Your all-in-one electric clipper

Trim : Trim your beard to the exact size. Includes 3 adapters: 1mm for a close fit, 3mm for a stubble, 5mm for a long stubble.

Edge : You can get a perfect edge on your style with the double-sided blade. Shave in any direction with great visibility, so lining up your style in seconds is quick and easy.

Shaves : It doesn't get too close to protect your skin, even in sensitive areas. Go against the grain, use the flat blade on your face and shave any length of hair with comfort.

Advanced technology for your skin care

The rechargeable electric shaver provides a faster shave while leaving a great feeling of well-being on the skin.

Specialized TrimComb technology catches more hair from the first pass, ensuring you never get a cut or irritate your skin.

3 designs for your unique style

Whatever your taste, you will surely love one of our three designs. Engraved in high-quality German steel, its golden texture and unmistakable shine make it a razor you will be proud to use.

Choose between Khan Dragon , Golden Barber or Premium Noire to highlight your unique and unmistakable style.

Water resistant, IPX7 rating

Waterproof shaver, IPX7 rating, easy to clean under the tap. The IPX7 rating means the shaver can be submerged 1 meter underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Your best ally, pocket size

This hybrid razor is made for the home, but it's also a perfect travel companion. Around your face and around the world, you can trim, trim and shave any length of hair with a single device that easily packs into any travel bag.

It is light, compact and easy to carry in a backpack or carry-on luggage.

Elegance and utility for you

Get your premium electric razor and start taking care of your hair and beard with the true elegance of a gentleman and the advantages of a smart buyer.

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