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Women's Watch Black, Blue, Purple, Gold + Free Bracelet

Women's Watch Black, Blue, Purple, Gold + Free Bracelet

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The exclusive Stellar™ Watch with a bracelet in rose gold Gift

With this luxurious double set Available for a very limited time , you can choose the style of watch that faithfully represents your personality and combine it with our exclusive rose gold tone bracelet.

Get a watch today high-end at a price never seen before and get a luxurious bracelet as a gift designed to make you stand out from the rest.


Are you tired of having to pay thousands of euros for luxury jewelry? We believe that elegance should be within reach of all budgets.

Because you deserve to show off your beauty wherever you go with a high-end watch designed especially for you.

Our Star Clock™ It is designed so that the modern woman can dazzle with its accessories on any occasion. You will not go unnoticed.

  • Combines with any look.

  • You will show an elegant and unique appearance.

  • Luxury jewelry at an exclusive discounted price.

  • You will be the star of the occasion wherever you go.

EXCLUSIVE GIFT : Estelar™ Bracelet in Rose Gold style

Are you a woman willing to be envied and respected? We present to you the definitive accessory that cannot be missing from your collection.

This Stellar™ Bracelet It is designed to enhance unique style and femininity. Plated in an exquisite Rose Gold texture, the bracelet is included completely free of charge with  a Star Clock™ of your choice.

Because? Because we want to show you the great combined influence that our pieces can bring to your life. Don't waste this unique opportunity.


Each of the styles we present to you represents a personality like yours. Our Star Clock™ It exudes elegance and beauty in any of its forms, but we are sure that there is one designed for someone as special as you.

Choose the one that suits your personal style and combine it with our Stellar™ Bracelet Gift.

Black Obsidian

Enhance your elegance and take advantage of the contrasts with this piece in Obsidian Black. The perfect accessory to inspire distinction and respect wherever you go. Mysteriously charming and discreet.

Rose Gold

For your best occasions. " Hey, new watch? " – is going to be the phrase you start hearing at your events and meetings. Enhance your beauty and style with a piece in shades of Gold that will stand out from the rest. Become the center of attention for your accessories wherever you go. to

Amethyst Violet

If your style is unique and you define yourself as a woman who breaks the norm, look no further than this luxury watch. You deserve to show your special personality through this accessory in a passionate violet color.

Sapphire Blue

Enjoy the celestial sparkles that emerge from this beautiful Sapphire Blue dial and the diamond shine of its inlays in contrast with the black of its dial. High range and a color that makes you fall in love. What more can you ask?


Of unsurpassed quality and handcrafted from premium materials, this unique piece of jewelry combines the irresistible brilliance of diamond with the strength of stainless steel to offer strength and elegance wherever you go.

  • Millimeter precision

  • Protected against bumps and scratches

  • German mineral crystal with a unique shine

  • Splash resistant

  • NEW - Luminous in the dark


Our Star Clock™ and Stellar™ Bracelet They are high-end pieces of jewelry and should be treated with care. Our pieces are strong and durable, but be careful when you are using perfume, hairspray, etc.

Keep your special pieces in a safe place where they will not be directly impacted by sunlight or humidity. We want you to be able to enhance your beauty with our jewelry for a long time!

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